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Ocean Pearl Fireplace Remodel

Ocean Pearl Fireplace Remodel

I finally went back out to Vashon Island to get an updated photo of this fireplace, now that the owners have finished remodeling.  I also wanted a shot during daylight hours for better lighting. It was a brick fireplace which they had me cover with a thin veneer of Ocean Pearl Ledgestone from K2 Quarries [...]

Pennsylvania Bluestone – An American Classic

Pennsylvania Bluestone – An American Classic

An array of greys – blue, tan, dark, light, flecked, fossilized….. purple even! These words describe the rich tapestry of color and texture you can find in the famous variety of building stone known as Pennsylvania Bluestone.  It has become a well-known part of the American tapestry over the past 200 years, being utilized in [...]

Berg Patio Pattern

Flagstone Patio Protocol – What Makes One Better Than Another?

Not all flagstone patios are created equal. Unlike roof installation, flooring, or even poured cement (all easily quantifiable and pretty much uniform and predictably priced), a stone patio will vary greatly from one builder to the next.  One installer may be in the business of cranking them out at high volume, piecing it together in [...]

Flagstone Hand – Three Rivers

Flagstone Patio Design – Hand Mosaic

My client wanted me to come up with some kind of embedded design in this rather large patio.  After drafting up several ideas, which included a sun, a saturn-like planet and a horse, I hit home with the idea of making a large hand out of flagstone.  We used a combination of Pennsylvania Lilac and [...]

Veggie Garden front

Green Stonemasonry – A Low-Impact Approach to Stone Wall Construction

How does one incorporate green building techniques when it comes to building stone walls? That is an interesting question – the answer to which is riddled with many twists and turns based on what you are building, what materials are being used and how it is put together. It is a question I have delved [...]

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