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Raised Garden Path – Shepherd Stoneworks

Stone Pathways Make Your Yard More Useful

Your yard calls to you through your windowpane – all this unused space just waiting to be brought to life. Maybe you are wondering how you could begin to reshape things so you can have the landscape you’ve always wanted. One thing missing from a lot of undeveloped landscapes is accessibility. If you can’t comfortably [...]

Small Basalt Fountain – Shepherd Stoneworks

Courtyard Stone Patio and Deck Stairs

A narrow back yard with a problematic old deck and junky patio was the problem – our services were requested to re-work the whole area and to create a more level space. This was the result. – - The site, as it previously existed, was a mishmash of odds and ends – a combination of [...]


Europa Blocks – Seating Wall and Firepit

We built this a couple of winters ago. It sounded simple enough when I suggested the shape and the material, but there were a lot of challenges in making these structures because of the design of these particular blocks and the way they go together. Nevertheless, we pulled it off.  Oh, and did I mention [...]

Tread and Riser – Shepherd Stoneworks

Stone Steps – Slab Stone vs. Tread & Riser

Stone stairs can basically be built one of two ways: either by using solid stone slabs stacked one after the next or by assembling some combination of treads & risers. There are a number of variations within these categories, of course. The tread & riser style, for instance, can be done completely without mortar, but [...]


Stone Walls Around Seattle

Here is a sampling of a few dry-stack stone retaining walls we’ve completed over the past few years. Well-built mortarless walls are actually superior to concrete because they drain well and can survive the inevitable shifting of the ground over time. Pennsylvania Bluestone – this little patio and wall are making good use of a [...]

Fireplace Surround Building Techniques

Fireplace Surround Building Techniques

If you are thinking of remodeling your fireplace surround with a stone façade, it helps to know all of the work that goes into building one that is really worth the investment.  The process tends to be a bit more involved than people expect, if only because of all the structural work that takes place [...]

Glacier Green Wall Close-up – Shepherd Stoneworks

Dry Stack Stone Wall – Glacier Green Ledgestone

We built this wall last January in the Montlake Neighborhood of Seattle.  At 75 sq ft of wall face, it used up around 7 tons of rock. Here is a close-up of the wall face.  The stone variety is a kind of slate which is sourced from the area of Glacier National Park in Montana.  [...]

Arizona Sandstone Ashlar – Shepherd Stoneworks

Arizona Sandstone – A Mid-Century Modern Patio and Columns

This summer we completed this patio, which was meant to utilize the area under a new, watertight deck.  The house is a split-level rambler from the early 60′s that has a very nice façade of Arizona Sandstone Ashlar which you can see in the foreground in this photo. We encased the deck posts in new [...]

Stonefest 2012 arch

Stonefest 2012 is Underway

I had to stop off at Marenakos Rock Center for some fireplace stone today.  Stonefest 2012 was well underway, as you can see in the photo.  They are in the process of continuing the dry-stone walls that were begun last year under the tutelage of Mr. Patrick McAfee of Ireland.  When I arrived, I popped [...]

work in progress

Finding the Right Stone Masonry Contractor in Seattle

Finding a good stone mason can be a challenge wherever you live.  There is always someone in the phone book or listed in Craigslist, but how in the world do you know if you’re talking to the just right person for your project? Of course if you ask me which stone mason you should hire, [...]

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