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Slate Light Column – Shepherd Stoneworks

Stone Walls For Your Landscape

A natural stone retaining wall can be a true work of art and can add value to your home. It’s a satisfying addition to a well-designed landscape but it also functions well over time, resisting the damage caused by groundwater in lesser walls. Our dry-stacked stone walls are built with the proper construction technique often [...]


Stone Walls Around Seattle

Here is a sampling of a few dry-stack stone retaining walls we’ve completed over the past few years. Well-built mortarless walls are actually superior to concrete because they drain well and can survive the inevitable shifting of the ground over time. Pennsylvania Bluestone – this little patio and wall are making good use of a [...]

Penn Wall step down – Shepherd Stoneworks

Pennsylvania Drystack Stone Wall In Progress

We are currently working on a relatively large-scale project in West Seattle that, among several other features and a full landscape design/install, includes this Dry Stack Stone Wall made of a mix of Pennsylvania Split-Face Ledgestone and some Chilton Limestone pieces.  This gives you an idea of the behind-the-scenes structural work that goes on with [...]

Glacier Green Wall Close-up – Shepherd Stoneworks

Dry Stack Stone Wall – Glacier Green Ledgestone

We built this wall last January in the Montlake Neighborhood of Seattle.  At 75 sq ft of wall face, it used up around 7 tons of rock. Here is a close-up of the wall face.  The stone variety is a kind of slate which is sourced from the area of Glacier National Park in Montana.  [...]

Veggie Garden front

Green Stonemasonry – A Low-Impact Approach to Stone Wall Construction

How does one incorporate green building techniques when it comes to building stone walls? That is an interesting question – the answer to which is riddled with many twists and turns based on what you are building, what materials are being used and how it is put together. It is a question I have delved [...]

Golden Wall 3

Drystack Stone Walls – An Ancient Craft

You see them all over Europe, New England, the ruins of Central and South America – walls made of stone with no mortar which were built hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  This should be enough to tell you that a well made drystack stone wall, in addition to being gorgeous and intriguing, can [...]

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