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Outdoor Kitchen in Stone – Pacific Ashlar Ocean Pearl

Here is what has taken up a great deal of the summer for us.  It is an outdoor kitchen with a built-in FireMagic grill, a sink and a set of stairs.  The structure is made of CMU blocks veneered with K2 Stone‘s Pacific Ashlar material, no grout.  The treads, wall caps and countertop are Pennsylvania [...]

Shepherd Stoneworks – Mixed Stone Dry Stack

Drystack Stone Wall in Seattle

Done about seven years ago, this remains one of my favorite walls that we have done. It is made of a mixture of stones, mostly a variety called Bug Creek Drystack.  My only regret is that the owners planted those (otherwise lovely) lavender plants in front, which have doubled in size since then.  Someday, someone [...]

Stone River – Black Pebble in Bronze Flagstone – Shepherd Stoneworks

Montana Bronze Patio – Paving Under a Deck

In the heat of summer, a shady place like this can be a great source of relief. This site had previously been a forgotten corner of the yard under a large deck. The patio stone is Montana Bronze Slate set in compacted crushed rock. We built a circular landing and steps at the base of [...]

Keeter Afters 012

Adding a Stone Veneer to an Existing Home

Installing a stone facade on your house can not only make it more attractive, if executed well it will actually increase the value. Perhaps you thought a stone veneer could only be included on a new home?  Not true.  In fact, there is always a way to retrofit a building with a stone exterior, whether [...]

Veggie Garden front

Green Stonemasonry – A Low-Impact Approach to Stone Wall Construction

How does one incorporate green building techniques when it comes to building stone walls? That is an interesting question – the answer to which is riddled with many twists and turns based on what you are building, what materials are being used and how it is put together. It is a question I have delved [...]

work in progress

Finding the Right Stone Masonry Contractor in Seattle

Finding a good stone mason can be a challenge wherever you live.  There is always someone in the phone book or listed in Craigslist, but how in the world do you know if you’re talking to the just right person for your project? Of course if you ask me which stone mason you should hire, [...]

Golden Wall 3

Drystack Stone Walls – An Ancient Craft

You see them all over Europe, New England, the ruins of Central and South America – walls made of stone with no mortar which were built hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  This should be enough to tell you that a well made drystack stone wall, in addition to being gorgeous and intriguing, can [...]

Fujita side path

Zen Tea Garden in Seattle

- In 2005, I was hired to make a patio in the Madrona neigborhood. The owner is a Zen Buddhist who was interested in making a traditional Tea Ceremony room in her basement with an accompanying outdoor seating area.  There are several Zen design concepts that were to be implemented in the final product:  large [...]

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Stone Installation in Winter – The Ideal Time

I have noticed a common habit among the public when it comes to having work done (one that other landscape professionals have noticed as well):  people tend to forget about their yards and landscaping plans once the gray of wintertime is upon us.  All through the Spring and Summer, my phone is ringing off the [...]

Before and After – Patio with Stone River and Curved Stone Wall

Before and After – Patio with Stone River and Curved Stone Wall

Over the years I have learned to generally avoid showing “before & after” photos in my gallery or portfolio.  I find that the “before” shots tend to be so unattractive that they kind of contaminate the overall impact of my collection.  But even I have to admit, the transformation can sometimes be breathtaking.  Therefore I [...]

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