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Pennsylvania Bluestone – An American Classic

Pennsylvania Bluestone – An American Classic

An array of greys – blue, tan, dark, light, flecked, fossilized….. purple even! These words describe the rich tapestry of color and texture you can find in the famous variety of building stone known as Pennsylvania Bluestone.  It has become a well-known part of the American tapestry over the past 200 years, being utilized in [...]

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Adding a Stone Veneer to an Existing Home

Installing a stone facade on your house can not only make it more attractive, if executed well it will actually increase the value. Perhaps you thought a stone veneer could only be included on a new home?  Not true.  In fact, there is always a way to retrofit a building with a stone exterior, whether [...]

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Finding the Right Stone Masonry Contractor in Seattle

Finding a good stone mason can be a challenge wherever you live.  There is always someone in the phone book or listed in Craigslist, but how in the world do you know if you’re talking to the just right person for your project? Of course if you ask me which stone mason you should hire, [...]

Patio and Masonry Cleaning in Seattle – Stone Restoration and Sealing

Patio and Masonry Cleaning in Seattle – Stone Restoration and Sealing

Has your patio gotten an unsightly film of moss and/or mildew that needs attention? Masonry cleaning requires a special touch from a professional who understands what makes a patio tick and what kind of methods will achieve the best results. In Seattle, moss buildup outdoors is a pretty huge consideration.  Although a patio is the [...]

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