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Raised Garden Path – Shepherd Stoneworks

Stone Pathways Make Your Yard More Useful

Your yard calls to you through your windowpane – all this unused space just waiting to be brought to life. Maybe you are wondering how you could begin to reshape things so you can have the landscape you’ve always wanted. One thing missing from a lot of undeveloped landscapes is accessibility. If you can’t comfortably [...]

Small Basalt Fountain – Shepherd Stoneworks

Courtyard Stone Patio and Deck Stairs

A narrow back yard with a problematic old deck and junky patio was the problem – our services were requested to re-work the whole area and to create a more level space. This was the result. – - The site, as it previously existed, was a mishmash of odds and ends – a combination of [...]

Tread and Riser – Shepherd Stoneworks

Stone Steps – Slab Stone vs. Tread & Riser

Stone stairs can basically be built one of two ways: either by using solid stone slabs stacked one after the next or by assembling some combination of treads & risers. There are a number of variations within these categories, of course. The tread & riser style, for instance, can be done completely without mortar, but [...]

Columbia Slate Patio – Shepherd Stoneworks

Your Paver Patio Contractor in Seattle

Over the years we have installed many a concrete paver patio. Besides being very cost-effective when compared to natural stone, they go in pretty quickly and the end result can be strikingly neat and intricate. They are also crack-resistant (when installed correctly, especially the smaller varieties) and are very easily replaced in the instance of [...]


Circular Patio with a Drystone Wall

Completed last month. “Cowboy Coffee” Quartzite, set in crushed rock, Black Granite cobbles. by Mark Shepherd (206) 618-0558 Bringing the finest in Stone Masonry to the Greater Seattle Area. Natural stone walls, patios, steps and rockery of all sizes.

Highlights – a look back at some of our best hardscapes

Highlights – a look back at some of our best hardscapes

To mark our 15th year in business, I thought I would put together a sampling of some of my favorite structures built over the years.  Enjoy. And Happy New Year! by Mark Shepherd (206) 618-0558 Bringing the finest in Stone Masonry to the Greater Seattle Area. Natural stone walls, patios, steps and rockery of [...]

SStone Cobble Terrace

Wilkeson Sandstone Hardscape In Magnolia

Well, it has been a while since the last posting here. Our current project has kept us busy since early spring, and due to the nature of it, it really hasn’t been all that presentable until now. It’s a relief sometimes to have such a large contract as this since I can avoid the hassle [...]

Hardscaping – How to Expand Your Living Space

Hardscaping – How to Expand Your Living Space

Landscaping isn’t just about planting things.  It is the art of transforming the outdoors to suit your needs. And sometimes what you need is to create new spaces that provide comfort, usefulness, mobility and a mystique that draws people out of doors and into the outdoors. The use of construction methods to create structure in [...]

Mortared Stone Walkways in Slate

Mortared Stone Walkways in Slate

We spent over 2 months covering some concrete walkways with Argillite, a slate flagstone from Montana, which was supplied by Terrazzo & Stone Supply Company in Bellevue.  It was part of a new home design that was built into a hill on Vashon Island, so there is a partially covered walkway upstairs at the entry [...]


Argillite – Golden Bronze Slate from Montana

We are currently getting started on a large paving project on Vashon Island, WA.  It involves over 1000 sq. ft. of Argillite Flagstone mortared onto the large walkways surrounding a new home.  I’m sure I will be posting photos of our progress, but I thought I would do some research on the material and get [...]

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