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Tread and Riser – Shepherd Stoneworks

Stone Steps – Slab Stone vs. Tread & Riser

Stone stairs can basically be built one of two ways: either by using solid stone slabs stacked one after the next or by assembling some combination of treads & risers. There are a number of variations within these categories, of course. The tread & riser style, for instance, can be done completely without mortar, but [...]


Argillite – Golden Bronze Slate from Montana

We are currently getting started on a large paving project on Vashon Island, WA.  It involves over 1000 sq. ft. of Argillite Flagstone mortared onto the large walkways surrounding a new home.  I’m sure I will be posting photos of our progress, but I thought I would do some research on the material and get [...]

Atkins patio resize

Bluestone Patio – Random Flag or Dimensional

Pennsylvania Bluestone is one of the most popular kinds of stone paving material in America.  It has been quarried longer than we have been a nation, being both sturdy and relatively easy to shape, and also due to it’s layered quality which makes it somewhat easy to quarry. Homeowners often go back and forth about [...]

Stone River – Black Pebble in Bronze Flagstone – Shepherd Stoneworks

Montana Bronze Patio – Paving Under a Deck

In the heat of summer, a shady place like this can be a great source of relief. This site had previously been a forgotten corner of the yard under a large deck. The patio stone is Montana Bronze Slate set in compacted crushed rock. We built a circular landing and steps at the base of [...]

Columbia Basalt Columns – Nature’s Sculpture in the Garden

Columbia Basalt Columns – Nature’s Sculpture in the Garden

Standing like soldiers at attention, the palisades of the Columbia Basin can be seen stretching for miles and miles through Oregon and Washington.  They were formed in an unimaginably huge volcanic flow that lasted from 17 million years ago to around 6 million years ago, and took their shape as water cooled the lava and [...]

Ocean Pearl Fireplace Remodel

Ocean Pearl Fireplace Remodel

I finally went back out to Vashon Island to get an updated photo of this fireplace, now that the owners have finished remodeling.  I also wanted a shot during daylight hours for better lighting. It was a brick fireplace which they had me cover with a thin veneer of Ocean Pearl Ledgestone from K2 Quarries [...]

Pennsylvania Bluestone – An American Classic

Pennsylvania Bluestone – An American Classic

An array of greys – blue, tan, dark, light, flecked, fossilized….. purple even! These words describe the rich tapestry of color and texture you can find in the famous variety of building stone known as Pennsylvania Bluestone.  It has become a well-known part of the American tapestry over the past 200 years, being utilized in [...]

Marbella Ledgestone Fireplace w TV – Shepherd Stoneworks

New Design: Stone Fireplace Surround with a Flatscreen TV

This was completed in Spring 2011.  There is a bronze firescreen that will be added at a later time over the firebox.  The Texas Limestone mantel and hearth were fabricated at Marenakos Rock Center as a custom order.  I like the Marbella Ledgestone which I had not used before.  It has very fine horizontal layers [...]

Veggie Garden front

Green Stonemasonry – A Low-Impact Approach to Stone Wall Construction

How does one incorporate green building techniques when it comes to building stone walls? That is an interesting question – the answer to which is riddled with many twists and turns based on what you are building, what materials are being used and how it is put together. It is a question I have delved [...]

Isokern Fireplace – An Efficient Way to Bring Warmth to Your Home

Isokern Fireplace – An Efficient Way to Bring Warmth to Your Home

The Isokern Fireplace, a product manufactured by Earthcore Industries, is a relatively new kind of modular fireplace core that is easy to install and may help to revolutionize and revitalize the use of wood-fired, masonry fireplaces. Today’s residential architecture has slowly but surely moved away from the traditional masonry fireplace which has been replaced by [...]

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