Stone Pathways Make Your Yard More Useful

Raised Garden Path – Shepherd Stoneworks

Your yard calls to you through your windowpane – all this unused space just waiting to be brought to life. Maybe you are wondering how you could begin to reshape things so you can have the landscape you’ve always wanted.

One thing missing from a lot of undeveloped landscapes is accessibility. If you can’t comfortably walk through the space then you are unlikely to go out and spend the time being with it and imagining ways to improve the plant life.

Building a new pathway can be a good start. Maybe you have a spot further out in the yard that would make a good sitting area. Maybe you just need to walk from your back door to your shed without muddying up your shoes.

Paths can be as formal as dimensional tiles mortared to a slab or as casual as random flagstones loosely fit with plants growing in between. Gravel can be another option, though if you’re going that route it is best to utilize heavy weed barrier fabric under a healthy layer of crushed rock and maybe some kind of edging material, otherwise nature can pretty quickly erase it.

Here are some of the many stone and paver pathways we have built over the years. Perhaps these ideas can inspire you to think of paths that could improve your outdoor life!

by Mark Shepherd

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