Landscaping With Stone – How plants accentuate stone and vice versa


The elements of your landscape should work together in harmony. If everything is jam-packed with plants and there are no structures or features to bring shape to the design and to act as visual focal points then the design will lack balance. By the same token, if it’s nothing but paving and hardscaping with little plant material then the landscape will look barren and uninviting.

When a stone installation is built, it won’t look complete until it is planted. I often have to reassure my clients during the installation because it never looks good or right until every last piece is in place.  Then when the plants are put in and become established, it starts to look GREAT.

The placement of plants can really bring a stone feature together. An elegant specimen maple next to a stairway. A cluster of nandina arranged inside a raised stone planter.  A creeping stonecrop sedum draping down the face of a drystack wall. A shade tree strategically planted next to a stone bench.

These kinds of considerations are what, in the context of a well-designed landscape, make for a special ambiance.  Not the individual pieces but how they work together as a whole. Pick the right plants to accentuate your stone wall or patio and see the colors and textures POP.

by Mark Shepherd

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