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Well, it has been a while since the last posting here. Our current project has kept us busy since early spring, and due to the nature of it, it really hasn’t been all that presentable until now. It’s a relief sometimes to have such a large contract as this since I can avoid the hassle of putting smaller projects together to create a smooth work flow.



Our client has a very large city lot (double the average) that had an older landscape which had gotten out of control. We came in and stripped the majority of the yard down several inches with heavy machinery. Then started the slow and arduous task of reshaping the back yard, starting with a low block wall along the downhill perimeter to create more level area.

The house had a nice Wilkeson Sandstone hardscape in the front yard from several years ago which needed a bit of overhauling. The owner was looking to continue the hardscape in the larger back yard area, and was insistent on using the same stone.  Problem is, the Wilkeson Quarry (outside of Enumclaw, toward Mt Rainier) is closed for business.


Luckily, there is quite a lot of backstock and random leftovers at the quarry from past fabrication work, and with a lot of searching and gathering, I was able to scratch together enough raw 2″ material to put together an order for Marenakos.  They split the material into pavers and put it through their big tumbling machine. That work alone took around a month and a half to complete.

With a newly-flattened yard came the need for a retaining wall to support the driveway. We formed and poured a concrete wall and capped it with large chunks of the sandstone, pinned into place with rebar, to act as a curb keeping cars from going off the edge.  Stairs were built into the wall with sandstone pavers serving as the treads.  The whole structure was then given a stucco finish.



Planters were built for a vegetable garden using the pavers. There was also some old Wilkeson random flagstone salvaged from the existing landscape which helped in rounding out the stone supply for this. There are underground sleeves for future irrigation.

Most of this paving is set in crushed rock with polymeric sand in the joints.  There is also spiked paver edging securing the sides. A section of paving at the far end was done on a slab with mortar and grout – this is meant as a base for a proposed cedar shed which they are calling the “Summer House” as a nice retreat for guests.

And it’s not over yet! We are pouring some steps on the backside of the house and adding a bit more sandstone path near the front door. Being busy is the best problem to have! :)


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