Stone Installation in Winter – The Ideal Time

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I have noticed a common habit among the public when it comes to having work done (one that other landscape professionals have noticed as well):  people tend to forget about their yards and landscaping plans once the gray of wintertime is upon us.  All through the Spring and Summer, my phone is ringing off the hook for bid requests, but then once Labor Day is past, people are putting nose to the grindstone, putting their kids in school, and generally waiting for the Holidays to arrive.

Likewise, I think most people assume that hardscape companies shut down for the winter, perhaps jumping to the conclusion that the work is not possible in the cold and rain.

But consider this concept:  Winter is perhaps the best time to have stone installed outside.  For one thing, the cool air necessitates the closing of windows, keeping the noise and mess sealed quietly away.  And by having a patio or wall built in the winter, your grounds will be fully ready for planting in the Spring.

Weather is only an issue when it comes to pouring concrete or applying grout.  Dry-laid stone (mortarless) installation is not greatly affected by either rain or cold – at least not the kind of cold we get here in the Pacific Northwest.  On rare occasion, we might get a deep freeze that lasts for up to a week, and that can slow things down a bit, but otherwise it’s not an issue.

My advice?  Try not to wait until the Spring or early Summer to get things started.  Oftentimes, it can be very difficult to find a good contractor that is not already booked up for the next three months.  Trust me – almost everyone makes this mistake.

Instead, why not get the structural work done now?  You will be glad you did once Summer is back and you’re sipping a Mai Tai on your beautifully landscaped patio.

by Mark Shepherd

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