Patio and Masonry Cleaning in Seattle – Stone Restoration and Sealing

Patio and Masonry Cleaning in Seattle – Stone Restoration and Sealing

Has your patio gotten an unsightly film of moss and/or mildew that needs attention? Masonry cleaning requires a special touch from a professional who understands what makes a patio tick and what kind of methods will achieve the best results.

In Seattle, moss buildup outdoors is a pretty huge consideration.  Although a patio is the best way to go in our moist and overcast environment compared to a deck, it is still prone to gathering micro-flora just like everything else.  Some people kind of like the look of moss on their stonework, but unless a patio has a wild, naturalistic style the moss may be an eyesore.

Pressure washing is, in most cases, not a good strategy for cleaning masonry surfaces.  If you have a patio set in crushed rock, the fill material will be blasted out and the base material underneath can be undermined.  Even in a situation where the stones are mortared to a slab,the intensity of the spray is such that  the grout can be damaged or at least severely compromised.

On the other hand, muriatic acid (which is regularly used to clean concrete) is so harshly acidic that many types of stone are badly discolored by the process.  The color of stone has everything to do with its unique blend of minerals and metals, so when those are altered by the introduction of hydrochloric acid, the results can be disastrous.

At Shepherd Stoneworks, we have perfected the methods needed to bring your patio back to life.  Using special cleaning agents, careful attention to detail, and our vast knowledge of the various ways to restore damaged stone, disintegrated grout, stubborn stains and sinking pavers, we can take something old and run down and transform it right before your eyes.

And once the cleaning is done you will definitely want to protect if from further damage.  Have us apply a penetrating, breathable stone sealant – you can definitely avoid oily food stains and the like, plus it goes a long way in making it easier to remove moss the next time.  The stone will look exactly the same as if it had no sealant, but water will roll off and moss roots will have a harder time getting a foothold.

If your patio is set in crushed rock, we will sweep in fresh gravel at the end, making sure that the structural fill is fully intact.  And we can locate any problem areas where the stone setting has failed and correct them.  Likewise, on a mortared stone patio, loose stones and damaged grout can be removed and replaced.

Give us a call for a free estimate – you won’t be disappointed!

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